Infrared Sauna

with meditation

The moment you step inside the Infrared Sauna with Meditation you instantly start to relax. The infrared light warms your body and penetrates deep into the muscles whilst the colour therapy supports your body to heal, energise and soothe.


Did you know?

Infrared saunas are able to penetrate deep into muscle tissue and detoxify from the inside out.

Your body detoxes quicker and more effectively in an Infrared Sauna  

Traditional Saunas

- Uses steam as a medium to transfer heat to its users

- Temperatures range from 71 - 93 degrees (celcius)

Infrared Saunas

- Uses infrared waves to generate a dry form of directional heat

- Temperatures can go up to 60 degrees (celcius)

- Lower temperatures allow for a more enjoyable experience

Himalayn Pink Salt

Colour Therapy