Meditation Pod

The Somadome is your personal sanctuary, a tool for transcendence. It uses light and binaural beats for meditation that leads to deep relaxation and calm.

Benefits Include:

The Science of Somadome

Somadome uses light and colour therapy to transform our body's state at the cellular level.

Somadome transforms EMF frequencies that are out of harmony with our bodies' natural electromagnetic signals.

Somadome uses binaural beats in guided and unguided tracks to achieve beneficial states associated with your session goals.

Binaural Beat Meditation

Somadome uses binaural beats to achieve beneficial states associated with your session goals.

Sound Influences Mood

How it Works

Colour Therapy

Somadome provides a feeling of infinite space and illuminates in a spectrum of colour to promote healing.


Colour Affects us at Cellular Level

How it Works

Colours create electrical impulses in our brains, which stimulate hormonal and biochemical processes in our bodies. Different colours cause different hormonal, or chemical reactions, in our body. Colour therapy then utilises different colour to promote needed mental and physical benefits.

The colours of the dome have been carefully selected to complement the goal of the Somadome session.