Wellness Pods

Experience the ultimate in wellness, recovery and relaxation with our range of wellness pods. Improve sleep, alleviate pain and aid performance.

02 Breathing & Meditation Chair

It’s time to take your relaxation to the next level. Imagine taking a seat in our O2 Breathing and Meditation Chair, you sink in and the chair reclines, your legs are elevated and oxygen starts to flow. 

As you breathe and relax, the chair gently moves, massages and warms your entire body whilst guiding you through meditation exercises. 

Recovery Massage Chair

If you’re looking for something to help with both relaxation and recovery, then our Recovery Massage Chair is for you.  

Built with 4D airbag technology, you will feel like you’re in the hands of an experienced masseuse - or several. Choose from a full body massage or select specific areas to focus on such as arm, foot, back/waist and neck/shoulders.